3 Youngest President in the World

The President is the head of state is certainly a duty to lead the country with the best. A president has a nature and a very important position, so expect a president certainly has charisma, vision, mission, persuasive power and high intensity. There  are the 3 youngest president in the world.

1. Kim Jong Un (President of North Korea)

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong Un

Youngest president in the world is Kim Jong Un, who is the president of North Korea. He was the third son of the late North Korean President Kim Jong Il earlier, who died on December 17, 2011 last. Kim Jong Un is believed to be aged 28 years. All estimates of the age of the young president because history is not recorded specifically birth, or withheld by the state. Ascend the throne Jong Un replacing his late father had made a few countries in the world doubted the youth leadership. Even some pro-Pyongyang media, Shosun Sinbo, published in Japan could defend the young president. In the discussion in the media stated that the public is not concerned about the leadership of North Korea Jong Un. Instead the people of North Korea Jong Un fully believe in, and believes his young age is a source of the country’s progress guarantees.

Before becoming president of North Korea, Jong Un has shown leadership with character serves North Korean military advisors at the age of 18 years are estimated. And a year before his father’s death, Jong Un has been awarded a four-star generals. And according to the newspaper, the Chosun Sinbo, Jong Un has participated in the military since 1990. Jong un reportedly is a technology expert and the last time formal education in one of the famous university in Switzerland. In addition to technology experts who are good at using advanced technology tools, Jong Un has also mastered several languages, including English and German. North Koreans now believe Jong Un as supreme leader of the armed forces who carried the title of his late father. Kim Jong Un is believed to be the president of the youngest men in the world.

2. Mr Joseph Kabila (President of Congo)


Joseph Kabila

The next youngest president in the world is Mr. Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Joseph Kabila Kabange (known commonly as Joseph Kabila, born June 4, 1971) is a Congolese politician who has been the President of the DRC since January 2001. He was elected as President in 2006, at the age of 35 years. She was elected President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ten days after his father (President Laurent-Desire Kabila) was killed in a coup attempt at the height of the devastating civil war. On January 26, 2001, when he served, he became the youngest president in history.

Kabila became the first head of state who were born in the 70′s until Roosevelt Skerrit became Prime Minister of Dominica in January 2004. At age 30, he was considered young and inexperienced. But he tried to end the ongoing civil war by negotiating peace agreements with insurgents who supported Rwanda and Uganda. 2002 peace agreement signed at the Inter-Congolese Dialogue in Sun City, South Africa, which ended the Second Congo War. It retains Joseph Kabila as President and head of state of Congo. After that Kabila formed interim government to recruit the leaders of the main opposition group as vice president. Dated March 28, 2003 his government had foiled a coup attempt around Kinshasa. Dated December 6, 2006, Kabila re-inaugurated as the new president after competing in the general election. In 2011, he was re-elected to a second term until now.

3. Atifete Jahjaga (President of Kosovo)


Atifete Jahjaga

Atifete Jahjaga is in the next sequence. On 7 April 2011, officially became president of Kosovo Atifete fourth, or is the first woman president at the age of 36 years. Atifete who was born in Dakovica on 20 April 1975 served as the head of a young country in the modern Balkans replace Jakup Krasniqi. As head of state, Atifete have a strong educational background to become a leader. After graduating from law school at the University of Prishtina in 2000, Atifete completed graduate certification program in Management Police and Criminal Law at the University of Leicester UK, in 2007. Even in the field of security, Atifete complete with receiving professional training in security studies center George C. Marshall European in Germany, and the FBI National Academy in the United States.

Public Kosovo Atifete started paying attention after her photos with the current President of the United States, George Walker Bush, and Secretary of State 67th, Hillary Rodham Clinton posted to the Internet. Since then the wife of a dentist, this Kuci Astrit draw some political parties in Kosovo to make a presidential candidate, and on April 6, 2011, his name was announced as the consensus candidate by the Democratic presidential Kosovo Kosovo. In a vote by parliament, 100 lawmakers present, Atifete attained 80 votes, while 10 votes were ill at his rival, a politician Kosovo, Suzan Novoberdali. By winning a landslide of votes, the president Atifete be superior in the ballot in only one round, and set as the President of Kosovo on April 7, 2011. Who seized the world’s attention, especially the citizens of Kosovo, namely Atifete statement in his inaugural address that would declare Kosovo to secure membership in the European Union and the United Nations. Yet as a country which is still frequently fraction of civil war, to convince people to secure and recognized world situation is a tough task. However, Atifete optimistic world will admit. Atifete are now diligently made visits to various countries to strengthen the country’s diplomatic relations. Atifete until now believed to be the youngest female president in the world.












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